Environmental information

Yamashita Materials Corporation sets up the environmental principle and environmental policy based on the management principle “aiming to contribute to society by providing optimum materials considering to environment conservation and to be unique company” and promotes the global environment-friendly activities as whole company.

Environmental principle

Yamashita Materials Corporation recognizes that the conservation of global environment is the high-priority issue and considers the environment conservation in various aspects of business activity based on company creed “faith” and executes the creation of rich society by every employee regarding the workings of nature.

Environmental policy

Yamashita Materials Corporation reduces the environmental load as much as possible in the business area of design / printed wiring board / mounting / assembly and sales of circuit board materials / synthetic resin materials / electronic materials / relevant equipment. And as a company befitting the springy and leafy Kanto Plain, we practice following environment conservation activities.


We promote following items that remarkably affects the environment in business activity, product and service.
– Reduction of amount of used electric power
– Reduction of amount of used paper
– Reduction of discharge amount of general waste
– Reduction and proper process of discharge amount of industrial waste such as plastic waste and liquor waste
– Deciding the voluntary standard of drainage treatment and promoting the environment conservation


We promote continuous improvement of environmental management system and prevention of contamination.


We decide and execute the environmental purpose / target applying the best utilization technology within the technologically and economically possible range to promote the items above, and try to realize it by whole company, and review it once a year or according to need to improve the environmental management system continuously.


We observe the environment-relevant regulation, ordinance and other requirement to which we agree (reduction and review of environment substance demanded by customer).


The environmental policy is displayed in company and carried by every employee to improve the understanding of environmental policy and awareness of environment conservation. And we ask the relevant business connections for understanding of environmental policy and collaboration.


The environmental policy is disclosed when it is requested from inside/outside of company.

January 1, 2006

Yamashita Materials Corporation.
President of a company: Mitsuyoshi YAMASHITA

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