Mounting / assembly



Response to high density printed wiring board, high quality / short delivery date. In order to realize these items, the information obtained by mounting department is fed back to design department all the time, and total quality management system is realized. The mounting of various devices such as automatic mounting to flexible printed wiring board and various odd-shaped parts (BGA, CSP) are supported.
And the procurement of various electronic components enabled by strong purchase system is also one of the characteristics of Yamashita Materials.


We utilize the flow of design, printed wiring board and mounting, and for the assembly, we implement the assembly of mechatronics product in addition to that of electronic device, and assembly of product such as development / design of drive-line, development of electronic control software and design of electric component. For the chassis, we meet the customer’s demand by various materials such as plate and woodwork and plastic molded item.

 BGA of various and small amount product is mounted

BGA of various and small amount product is mounted

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