YFC Cable


Delivery date




Standard delivery date

Major cities in Asia Delivered in +2 to 3 business days after the product is completed
Major cities in North America Delivered in +2 to 3 business days after the product is completed
Major cities in Europe Delivered in +3 to 4 business days after the product is completed


Basic configuration


0.3mm-pitch terminal part zigzag pattern


Standard layer configuration

Thickness of coverlay(polyimide / adhesive material) 25µm/25µm
Thickness of copper foil(thickness of conductor) 18µm or 35µm
Thickness of base polyimide 25µm
Thickness of adhesive material of reinforcing board 40µm
Polyimide reinforcing board 75µm or 180µm

How to indicate the product name


Item Series name
【1】Terminal pitch YFC1:1.0mm/YFC5:0.5mm/YFC3:0.3mm
【2】Type of copper foil R:Rolling copper foil/E:Electrolytic copper foil
【3】Thickness of copper foil H:18μm(half ounce)/1:35μm(1 ounce)
【4】Number of cores Arbitrary
【5】Length of insulation Standard:20mm~300mm(For the length other than, contact us)
【6】Length of reinforcing board Strip length+2mm
【7】Surface finishing A:electrolytic gold plating (Ni:3µm, Au:0.3µm)/S:Tin copper (SnCu) plating (5µm to 10µm)/H:Leaded solder plating (5µm to 10µm)/W:Other plating (2-color plating etc.)
【8】Specification of reinforcing board 2:With reinforcing board at both surface terminal part/1:With reinforcing board at one surface terminal part/0:Without reinforcing board
【9】UL description U:UL description is added by silk

* The electrolytic gold plating and tin copper (SnCu) plating should be the RoHS surface finishing.

Convex and concave terminal type YFC cable


It can form the terminal shape of the convex and concave.

Please inquire about convex and concave terminal type YFC to be separately discussed about delivery date.

Performance of standard product: (example)

Withstand voltage between patterns DC 300V 1 minute
Rated current value 300mA
Folding resistance (JIS C5016MIT R=0.38) 200 times or more
Flex resistance (IPC manual flexure R=5) 1,000,000 times or more

Conditions for quantity

The quantity should be 20 work boards or less.
If it exceeds the quantity above, please contact us.
If the checking operation is necessary for pattern design, the product is delivered after the pattern design is accepted.
When the total number of mounting points is 1000 points or more, the mounting by mounter is implemented.
When the number of mounting points for 1 sheet is 100 points or more, the mounting by mounter is implemented.

Conditions fortransaction

The transaction conditions defined below are applied to every order from customer received by Yamashita Materials Corporation.

1. Check and reception of order

Before processing the received order, the payment method and address for delivery etc. are sometimes checked. The product is sometimes delivered after the payment method of received order is checked / processed, or every order or a part of order is sometimes refused for some reason. When we refuse the order, we will inform you about it using the contact information such as e-mail address or telephone number that is provided with order information from customer.

2. Electronic communication

When the order is made through site, it is necessary to enter the effective e-mail address. This address is used when we inform you about the status of order, delivery of product, notification relevant to order and disclosed item etc. You shall assume and agree that Yamashita Materials Corporation. does not accept any responsibility on damage or information you cannot receive caused by omitting the enter of effective e-mail address.

3.Information on circulation

The payment is made by Japanese Yen (JPY) only.
If you want to make a payment by US dollar (USD) or Euro (EUR), please ask it to person in charge.

4.Method of payment

Pay every bill by transfer to the account specified by our company within 30 days after the invoice is issued. The fee remittance should be defrayed by customer.
If the bill is not made by customer within due date for payment, we may charge the interest at 14.6% as default interest.

5. Delivery cost

The product is delivered from Zama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan. The delivery cost is defrayed by our company and the consumption tax, custom duty and agent charge should be defrayed by customer.

6. Precautions for using product

The boards manufactured by our company are designed / manufactured based on the use for general equipments such as audio-visual equipment, home electronics, business equipment and information / communication equipment. When you use the board for safety device, medical device, traffic transport machine, space / aircraft instruments, security gadgets and gizmos, nuclear equipment and burning / gas equipment etc. for protection of human body that require high safety, make judgments after implementing the test for compatibility of that part sufficiently.
When you use the board for the equipment that requires high safety regardless of application, it is recommended to set up the protection circuit or redundant design / circuit for ensuring safety of equipment, and in addition, implement the test for safety and periodical check by yourself to pay attention to safety of whole system / equipment before using it.

7. Selection of law

For every contract between our company and customer, Japanese low is used as governing law, and the contract should be construed based on this law. If the incident caused by purchase of product is not resolved by consultation, Yokohama District Court has nonexclusive jurisdiction for the relevant incident.

Estimation / contact

If you have any inquiry on specifications etc., please contact our sales department. For inquiry or estimation, contact us by telephone, FAX or Email.
Yamashita Materials Corporation CIRCUITEC company, sales department
TEL: +81-46-251-3722
FAX: +81-46-251-3725
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