NEPUKONJAPAN 2016 Electronic component and information on material EXPO submitting.

Dear Sirs/Madams, you’ll be gladder than health and prosperity and the heart which are increasingly. I usually give special patronage and thank you thick.
Now, NEPUKONJAPAN 2016 held in Tokyo Vic site this time I’ll submit to an electronic component and material EXPO”.
NEPUKONJAPAN 2016 An electronic component and material EXPO are all the electronic component and data with which sophisticated function-ization of an electronic product and smallness and frivolity-ization are supported.
I’ll submit to all. An electronic technology exhibition of the Asian maximum levels which do consultation of a development subject and experimental production request, etc. with the design and development person who arrives from all over the world.
I’ll exhibit all kinds’ FPC which are a high frequency measure, a radio wave noise countermeasure, lead noise restraint and a radiation measure, etc. focusing on a FPC short due date in our company.
I think the season pattern is in the busyness in many ways, but I’ll guide you the state you reach.

* Session
Wednesday, January 13, 2016-Friday, January 15
January 13 and the 14th 10:00 – 18:00
January 15 10:00 – 17:00.
* Meeting place: Tokyo Vic site
* The number for the small size: 4 holes of east
* Arrival method
Rinkai Line “International Exhibition Center” station getting off for 7 minutes on foot
The black-headed gull “International Exhibition Center front gate” station getting off for 3 minutes on foot

The person hoping for a in-depth meeting during a session make a contact more than the HP question form, please.

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