Japan International Aerospace exhibition 2016 decide to participate

Dear Sirs/Madams, you’ll be gladder than health and prosperity and the heart which are increasingly. I usually give special patronage and thank you thick.
Now, I’ll submit to 2016 year international aerospace exhibition held in Tokyo Vic site this time”.
An international aerospace exhibition is gathering domestic and abroad related enterprises and groups in all and is planning for the promotion by which it’s for trade communication as well as is having promotion of aerospace allied industries, national understanding to aerospace industry and younger age group’s interest awaking, etc. for its object in 2016.
I’ll exhibit all kinds’ FPC which are a high frequency measure, a radio wave noise countermeasure, mission noise restraint and a radiation measure, etc. focusing on a FPC short due date in our company.
I think the season pattern is in the busyness in many ways, but I’ll guide you the state you reach.

* A session: Wednesday, October 12, 2016-Saturday, October 15
October 12 Wednesday 12:00~17:30
Thursday, October 13-October 15 Saturday 9:30~17:30
* A meeting place: Tokyo Vic site (Tokyo International Exhibition Center and west exhibition ridge)
* Number :W4-042 for the small size
* Arrival method: Rinkai Line “Kokusai-tenjijo Station” getting off and 7 minutes on foot
Black-headed gull “Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon Station” getting off and 3 minutes on foot
The person hoping for a in-depth meeting during a session make a contact more than the HP question form, please.

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