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Technical Catalog Download – Useful Technical Information on FPCs

No. Title Features Catalog 
1 4 layer Filld Blind Via FPC Multilayer FPCs that enable high-density wiring while achieving small size, light weight, and thinness, using filled plating for blind vias.
2 YFC LVDS type Coplanar (RFC) RFC(Radio Frequency Coplanar cable)
Multilayer FPCs that enable high-density wiring while achieving small size, light weight, and thinness, using filled plating for blind vias. The base film is made of liquid crystal polymer (LCP) to reduce transmission loss.
3 YFC Shielded type (SFC) SFC is a shielding film applied to our YFC and is indispensable in situations where EMC countermeasures are required.
4 YFC LVDS type Stripline (RFS) RFS(Radio Frequency Stripline cable)
Like RFC, RFS uses liquid crystal polymer (LCP) as the base film. It also uses a shielding film, making it ideal for use when EMC countermeasures are required.
5 YFC Normal type A flexible flat cable that replaces FFC. It can be manufactured at a lower cost than standard FPCs because it can be ordered only in the quantity required by the customer, enabling inventory-less production and initial-less production.
6 YFC LVDS type Microstrip line (RFM) RFM(Radio Frequency Microstripline cable)
Liquid crystal polymer (LCP) is used for the base film to reduce transmission loss. The type that uses liquid crystal polymer (LCP) film for insulation can further reduce transmission loss.
7 YFC convex-concave terminal type “Unevenness that serves as a locking mechanism is formed on the terminals according to the specifications of the connector.
The total length of the cable can be made according to the specified length (maximum 420 mm), number of cores, and pitch.”
8 High temperature durability Oil resistant FPC “All LCP substrate.
*¹Cleared UL standard (796F) flexibility test (AB test) equivalent to MOT180℃.”
9 Long-term high-temperature durability FPC “All LCP substrate.
Meets JIS C 5016 insulation resistance, conduction resistance change rate, and withstand voltage after long-term high temperature test at 200°C for 1000 hours.”
10 FPC for High-speed transmission Connector This product is a combination of Iriso Electronics’ high-speed transmission connector and our YFC Series RFM.
11 Multilayer FPC for High-speed transmission Integration of FPC and rigid substrate reduces the number of reflection points. High-density RF lines are possible compared to rigid substrates. Wire bonding is also supported, and a metal or ceramic reinforcement plate can be attached as a heat dissipation measure.
12 High heat dissipation FPC FPC using Okitsumo’s heat-resistant solder resist “Tainex”.
13 High density Multilayer FPC Although it has a 12-layer structure, the thickness of the board is less than 1mm, and the cable part can be bent.
14 Multilayer coil FPC With a conductor thickness of 75μm to 90μm, it is capable of carrying a larger current than ordinary FPCs.
15 BigElec FPCs for high-current wiring intended to replace bus bars and harnesses.
16 Ultra-small diameter through hole Formation of ultra-small Via of φ20μm on double-sided FPC by laser processing. Minimum hole diameter of 20μm and minimum land diameter of 95μm can be formed.
17 Slit FPC FPC with slit processing that enables twisting and torsion; used as a substitute for thin coaxial cables, wire harnesses, and cables for medical equipment.
18 Long-length FPC Realizes meter-class long-distance wiring with ultra-thin cables of 1 mm or less.
19 ACF connection ACF is a mounting technology that does not use solder, and is mainly used for FOG (Film On Glass) that connects FPC to LCD. By changing the connector connection to ACF mounting, lightweight, ultra-thin, and fine pitch connections are possible, enabling lighter, smaller, and thinner packaging for electronic devices.
20 Low spring-back High-speed transmission FPC A stripline FPC with a shielding material for noise suppression, which is approximately 200 μm thinner than a conventional 3-layer FPC and reduces the repulsive force to about 1/3.
21 Metal base Heat dissipation substrate Metal base Heat dissipation substrate becomes a substrate with improved heat dissipation through thermal conduction, reducing thermal problems.
22 Separated multi-layer FPC for card edge connector Multilayer FPCs compatible with card edge connectors. 4 to 6 layers of multilayer FPCs can be mated with card edge connectors on both sides, forming stable impedance lines. It can be used for mounting of packaged components such as BGAs, mounting of bare chips on FPCs, and connection by wire bonding.
23 Low-loss FPC (GHz band Microstrip line) PTFE-based + low-dielectric coverlay, PTFE-based + soft resist, transmission loss improved by 60-70% compared to normal products in 40GHz band. Transmission loss of LCP base + low dielectric coverlay, which is easy to handle, is improved by about 50%.
24 Ground slit MSL It utilizes a technology currently under development that enables thinner FPCs while maintaining transmission characteristics.
25 Ultrafine Circuit High Frequency FPC It enables high-density, high-precision patterning using the semi-additive method on a liquid crystal polymer film substrate.
26 High-density・Flexible Button Plating Since no plating is applied except for through-holes and non-through vias, the pattern width and thickness are highly accurate, and impedance control and stable high-frequency transmission characteristics can be expected.

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